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Figment Ranch
17102 Mueschke
Cypress, Texas 77433


Ruby Herron

Robin H. Turell

Sean Price




Sean Price / The Llama Whisperer

email:  figranch@flash.net



We have Custom Woven Llama Rugs for Sale!




We have many sizes and colors available:

13" x 17"   (these are used for placemats, seat cushions, etc.)   Fiber used was 9oz.

2' x 3' for $90.00

2 'x 4' for $120.00

2' x 5' for $150.00

2' x 6' for $180.00

2' x 8' for $240.00

2' x 10' for $300.00

3' x 3' for $135.00

3' x 5' for $225.00

4' x 4' for $240.00

4' x 6' for $360.00

5' x 7' for $525.00

Tax and Shipping will be added to these prices.

Rugs are available for view or call us with what you are looking for and we will email you the picture.


Please call or email for details.

281-351-1820, 713-249-8523, 713-249-3893 or email figranch@flash.net

By the way, if your have bought a rug already, here are just a few of the llamas that have fiber in you rugs.............


B'mer at the Houston Rodeo                  Galley playing king of the hill


Jack at the Houston Rodeo                 Some of the girls: Big Reds, Amby, Sweetheart, Cat, Raven ........

A bunch of llamas in the front pasture

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