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Figment Ranch
17102 Mueschke
Cypress, Texas 77433


Ruby Herron

Robin H. Turell

Sean Price




Sean Price / The Llama Whisperer

email:  figranch@flash.net









Home Sweet Home




 In 1987, we bought a young male llama at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo so we could see what llamas were all about.  And that was the beginning of Figment Ranch.  We have now grown from one little boy to approximately 70 llamas.  We learned very quickly that they are the most wonderful animals that we have ever dealt with!  Over the years we have become one of the most successful llama ranches with several ALSA Performance Champions.  Even though breeding and training performance llamas is our specialty, we also breed and train halter, pet, and guard quality animals.

Figment Ranch is also the home of the Figment Girls; Paula Harman, and Rachel Tyler.  (Well, they are not kids anymore!)They help set an example for the youth of America and what they can do with llamas.  Because we believe that the future of the llama industry is in our youth participation, we sponsor many youth activities.

The owners of Figment Ranch are Ruby Herron, Robin Turell and Sean Price.    Figment Ranch is an active member of the ILR (International Lama Registry), ALSA (Alpaca and Llama Show Association), and the SCLA (South Central Llama Association). 

Don't Get Left Behind!!

It's not just your imagination. ... We're real ... Figment Ranch













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