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About Us


  • Figment Ranch Foundation 501(c)(3)
  • Figment Ranch Farm Event Center
  • Figment Ranch Foundation Gift Shop
  • Figment Ranch Cottage

In 1987, we bought a young male llama at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 

so we could see what llamas were all about ... and that was the beginning of Figment Ranch. 

 We have now grown from one little boy to approximately 70 llamas and alpacas.  

We learned very quickly that they are the most wonderful animals that we have ever dealt with!  

Over the years we have become one of the most successful llama ranches with 

several ALSA Performance Champions.

Even though breeding and training performance llamas is our specialty,

 we also breed and train halter, pet, and guard quality animals. 

Over the years we have rescued many llamas, alpacas, tortoises, exotic birds,

 bearded dragons, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, guineas, chickens, dogs, and cats.


Llama and Alpaca Uses





A Llama will guard livestock, sheep, goats, free-range poultry, etc. by their own natural protective instinct. The most successful guard llama should be a well socialized animal, accepting of humans, farm livestock, children and pets.





A pack llama can carry 70-90 pounds of llama equipment and usually doesn't have to carry extra food for itself. Llamas are browsers and will eat grass.  Llamas are very quiet, very friendly to the environment and do not destroy trails. 





What will you do with your llama/alpaca fiber? 

Handwoven Rugs: Handspun yarn : Knitted : Crotched : Weaving : Felting : Needle Felting : and more!

Llama/Alpaca fiber is Hypo-allergenic.


Just for Fun!



There are an ever increasing number of shows for llamas/alpacas with classes for showing your lama in halter, packing, obstacle, cart driving and more.


Just for Fun!

Just for Fun!


Llamas and Alpacas have a way of communicating with special needs individuals. They are very gentle and therapeutic.

Just for Fun!

Just for Fun!

Just for Fun!


There are many uses for llamas and alpacas, but above all they will become your best friend and will try to do what you ask of them.

Figment Ranch Farm Event Center


Private Parties

Holiday Parties, Company Parties, Retreats, Group Outings,  Quinceañera ,  

Family Reunions, Fund Raising Events, Themed Events, Photo-shoots, and more .......


Birthday Parties

A fun day on a working llama/alpaca ranch.  Meet the turkeys, emus, goats, sheep, chickens, guineas, ducks, tortoises and more!



Llama Love You Forever!

Share your special day in a unique, rustic and quiet setting.  

Figment Ranch Farm Event Center will help create your perfect day!

Ranch Tours

We offer tours that are for 1-2 people for $50.00.

For additional guests above 2, please call for rates.

You will be here for about an hour to an hour and 1/2.

You will be escorted and will be educated, pet, feed and visit with many animals which may include llamas, alpacas, emus, dwarf pygmy goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens, guinea hens, pigs, tortoises, ducks, dogs and cats.

We usually end in the gift shop where we have many items that are specific to llamas and alpacas.  We are best known for our MADE IN TEXAS hand woven llama rugs. (these are made from the wool of OUR Llamas and Alpacas – no animal was harmed in this process!)

Figment Ranch also is a non-profit, 501c3 Foundation.  Proceeds from the tours, sales, will go towards this Foundation to help feed and care for the animals.  

(most are rescue animals) We do take donations.


The Cottage (Gerrie's Place)


Stay on the property at Gerrie's Place.


Spacious Living Area

Large walk-in bath.

Large walk-in shower

Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa.


Smart TV, electric fireplace, all the comforts of home!


Perfect Bridal Suite!


Gift Shop

Llama and Alpaca Hand Woven Rugs

These unique hand woven rugs are made from the fiber of our llamas and alpacas. After shearing each year we take the fiber to have it processed and woven.

The full service process includes separating and tumbling, carding, spinning cored yarn, and hand weaving into finished products.

These rugs are one of a kind:

  • they are all natural - no dyes or chemicals
  • they are very durable - a lifetime rug
  • hypo-allergenic
  • RV friendly
  • water and stain resistant
  • dog and cat resistant
  • child resistant
  • no vacuuming needed
  • versatile 
  • many sizes available
  • fringe or no fringe
  • saddle blankets

Additional items in Gift Shop

  • Alpaca Fiber items from Peru -scarves, shawls, socks, headbands, toboggans, sweaters, capes, lap throws, tapestries and more
  • Alpaca Fiber Stuffed Bears from Peru
  • Llama sculptures
  • Llama sculpture magnets 
  • Llama and Alpaca T-shirts and Hoodies
  • Llama and Alpaca felted soap
  • Llama and Alpaca Dryer Balls
  • Skeins of Alpaca Fiber
  • Llama and Alpaca Car Freshners
  • Miscellaneous Llama and Alpaca Gifts