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Llama and Alpaca Hand Woven Rugs

These unique hand woven rugs are made from the fiber of our llamas and alpacas. After shearing each year we take the fiber to have it processed and woven.

The full service process includes separating and tumbling, carding, spinning cored yarn, and hand weaving into finished products.

These rugs are one of a kind:

  • they are all natural - no dyes or chemicals
  • they are very durable - a lifetime rug
  • hypo-allergenic
  • RV friendly
  • water and stain resistant
  • dog and cat resistant
  • child resistant
  • no vacuuming needed
  • versatile 
  • many sizes available
  • fringe or no fringe
  • saddle blankets

Additional items in Gift Shop

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  • Llama sculpture magnets 
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